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Protect Life First Aid Kit-13

With all the traveling we do as a family, bringing along our first aid kit is a MUST!! Our favorite is from Protect Life.  A 200 piece, fully stocked with essential supplies for emergency and survival first aid kit.

Protect Life First Aid Kit-11

When we went hiking through Zion National Park I was thankful to have this kit on me at all times. If you plan to travel the National Parks with kids, I highly recommend carrying a first aid kit.  We have three small boys and have endured our fair share of accidents and injuries.

Protect Life First Aid Kit-9

The worst was when our three year old fell hands down in a bed of cacti in Arches National Park.  We spent 3 hours tweezing cactus needles our of his hands.  Needless to say we never travel without our Protect Life First Aid Kit!

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